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At the heart of the biotechnology ecosystem, ATHLETin SRL is active in the fields of e-health, the development of digital tools for 4P sports medicine and data sciences for the physical health and sport sectors. ATHLETin’s services include advice and analysis of the physical performance of athletes (athletes of all ages and all levels) carried out by scientific experts for sports professionals (sports medicine, paramedical providers, physical trainers) . Our philosophy is oriented towards the state of the overall health of Athletes with a view to well-being. In our analysis methods, the subjective data is central. We are interested in lived from the inside and the well-being of Athletes: the “ in“. Our team of experts supports management staff in clubs, academies and training centers in setting up a digital agile process monitoring Athletes whose objective is to protect health in order to be able to perform in all fullness.

sport health science

e-health & medicine 4P

ATHLETin develops and markets intelligent applications that facilitate Data Science-based monitoring and decision-making ( multidisciplinary use of big data and artificial intelligence in the service of 4P sports medicine (Predictive, Preventive, Personalized and Participatory).

The digital upgrade of the physical health sectors (healhtech) is conducive to innovative integrated solutions.

Sports medicine becomes integrative. The coaching is interested in the whole body of the athlete and its relationship with the ecosystem in which he lives.

ATHLETin is specialized in the development of instruments integrating hardware and software for the measurement of physiological performances.

Epigenetics, a biological and medical revolution for twenty years, is central to the development of ATHLETin’s activities and services.


Research and development in commercial, physical, natural, human and social sciences is the DNA of ATHLETin.

ATHLETin espouses the concept of the symbiotic human being explained by Joël De Rosnay in the book “the Wave, metaphor of life”.

An ATHLETin App R&D program is carried out in collaboration with various faculties of ULiège in order to offer an application for monitoring the well-being of athletes. The objective is to bring technology into symbiosis, in harmony with the athlete and his environment by enacting scientific rules, in particular through the use of intelligent IoT textiles.

The ATHLETin App R&D program enters the era of intangible growth and that of the knowledge society where we find the body, education, intelligence and sharing. The development of an application for the monitoring of physical health relevant to 4P sports medicine that takes into account the complexity of the athlete is the paradigm of the ATHLETin R&D project.

Complexity, a new paradigm, which in the next fifty years will accompany another form of growth of which sport is one of the models because it inaugurates a new reflection on the body, on surpassing oneself, on human biology, on the relationship with others, because it opens up a reflection on ethics, on team management and on the fight to win, but by adopting new strategies.


ATHLETin studies, designs and plans the structural needs of sports organizations in terms of qualified supervision, harmonization, digitization and judicious development of an infrastructure:

  • audit of the medico-sports circuit
  • audit of sport / training structure
  • establishment of a physical preparation center
  • equipment (design and supply)
  • decoration and revegetation of an infrastructure
  • harmonization and identity of the gymnasium
  • structuring of the process & determination of the objectives and the means to be put in place to achieve them
  • food: nutrition & hydration
  • performance analysis in competition

training, testing, analysis, advice

ATHLETin offers various rigorous scientific services to better understand the potential of athletes, to understand their complexity and their personality, to refine their physical preparation and their technique:

  • upstream planning / periodization with staff
  • animation / support of physical preparation sessions
  • quantification of charges
  • remote programming
  • (an) aerobic (Cooper, Léger, VAMéval, YoYo, Bronco, …)
  • strength-speed-power profile: jumps (with optimization), sprints (with or without sled)
  • bodybuilding
  • GPS analysis (match / training)
  • strike speed analysis (tennis, football, handball, baseball, volleyball, etc.)
  • training / match filmed by drone
  • sleep analysis

“bookstore” events

Organization of international fairs and congresses, seminars and webinars in the fields of science and sport for sport and physical health professionals.

life Project

The “life project” concept consists of capitalizing on the multiple experiences during the sports career in order to shape a life path allowing sports professionals and athletes to project themselves beyond the periods conducive to purely sports performance.

ATHLETin is part of the new generation of athletes whose self-knowledge, complexity and eco-ethics constitute a new paradigm.



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